Close to the starting line

I can’t believe our departure is so soon! I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but c’est la vie. I’ve had fun reaching out to writers’ groups and libraries in Ireland. I’ll be speaking at the library in Youghal in County Cork on April 21st, and will be meeting with several groups during our travels. I look forward to making new friends!

It turns out that traveling becomes more difficult as we age.  At least, for me it does. I certainly had a lot less to carry when we spent a whole summer in Europe several decades ago. But maybe I’ll appreciate it more, if that’s possible. I know my last trip to Ireland left me with a list of places I wanted to see.

I stumbled across this site yesterday and wanted to share.  What a remarkable girl! Check out Sarah’s Book Project. I hope to meet her someday.

Today I’m just making sure I remember how to post to this blog.  So, off and running…



2 thoughts on “Close to the starting line”

  1. Hi Sarah. I was delighted to meet you at our writer’s group last in Knock last night. Your input and feedback were very much appreciated. I woke up this morning feeling very positive and motivated – so thank you! Enjoy the rest of your holiday in Ireland and perhaps the weather will improve a little before you return home.


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