An Introduction

coverWelcome to my blog. I have no idea what it will be yet, but that’s par for my course.

As for introduction: I’ve been a published fiction author since 2001 when my first novel, Emily, Again, came out from (then) AOL Time Warner. Since that time, I’ve had 20 or so novels, half a dozen novellas, and several short stories published.  I’ve also self-published a few novels and novellas, making me a hybrid author.  I’ve written as Sarah Storme (romance), S. H. Baker (mystery), and Lydia Parks (erotica). And I truly inadvertently ended up published.

Many years ago, I fell for a TV show and starting writing for one of the first fanfiction sites, back before the internet had a graphic interface. When the show died, we produced a virtual 4th season, and I was chosen to write an episode. My editor turned out to be a real NY editor. She told me I had potential and should write a romance novel. I’m really good at following directions, so I did.  Since I had no earthly idea what I was doing, the first book is in the garbage somewhere. But the second book (after a dozen more), became Emily, Again.  (Yes, that’s only the beginning of the story, but it’s more fun to share in person.)

I’m in the process of changing what I write, although I can’t say for sure what genre I’ll end up in. I’m working on speculative fiction. And I’m not sure what my new name will be. Therefore, I’ve opted for this blog site over a webpage for now.

I’m also a retired engineer.  (Yea, I know. I love engineering jokes, too.) And I’m about to start my post-retirement world travels, so stop back by for photos and travel stories.  First stop: Ireland. Hopefully the travel stories won’t be too disastrous.

More to come…

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